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SEMPERVIVUM - Garden Stalwarts



These plants are “pretty tough,” and we mean that both ways:

They’re beautiful – and also rugged - SEMPERVIVUM (“Hen & Chicks”)

The Latin name means “Live forever.” A tad optimistic, yes, but it hints at how sturdy this genus is. Myriad variations in size, form and color share a common theme: A rosette of succulent leaves (the “hen”) makes little copies of itself (“chicks”) until it’s surrounded.

Do not let the cuteness factor fool you: These babies and their mamas can really rough it, all the way down to Zone 3! They happily adorn borders, rock gardens or containers, alone or with other succulents.

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Perennial of the Year - Asclepias tuberosa

The Perennial Plant Association recently named Asclepias tuberosa as the 2017 Perennial of the Year. With the plight of the monarch butterfly and the recent focus on pollinator health, this selection could not come at a more relevant time.Once established, asclepias is known to be a hassle-free, long-lived perennial. It brightens the landscape for several months with [...]

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New Perennials

New Proven Winners PerennialsHot off the press! There are 21 new introductions to the Proven Winners perennial program for the upcoming seasons (2017-18). Here are a few of our favorites:Aruncus Chantilly LaceAlthough aruncus (goatsbeard) isn’t necessarily the most popular perennial in town, don’t underestimate its landscape potential. Chantilly Lace thrives in partial shade and produces [...]

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Celebrating the Stalwarts of the Garden - Ferns

Get in touch with your inner caveman. Grow the timeless beauty of ferns.All hail the heartiest of the hardy! We pause to praise those noteworthy, garden-worthy perennials and grasses that can take it on the chin and keep on grinning.When we say these plants are "pretty tough," we mean it both ways: They're beautiful, [...]

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​Bambi-Proof with Helleborus

Helleborus The cure for deer fatigueSuburban gardeners and designers are tired of planting beautiful borders, only to find that the local deer herd considers them their personal salad bar.That’s one reason wise gardeners call Helleborus the perfect perennial: Bambi won’t touch it. But “Lenten rose” wasn’t named a Perennial Plant of the Year just for [...]

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Fruit Punch® 'Maraschino Dianthus

As you find yourself adding maraschino cherries to your desserts or drinks at your next holiday party, think ahead to next summer. ‘Maraschino’ is a petite little perennial that gets covered with cherry-colored blooms in early summer—a perfect size to tuck into those small spaces in your sun garden. Hardy to zone 4.

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Amsonia hubrichtii ("Bluestar")

When we say these plants are "pretty tough," we mean it both ways: They're beautiful, and they're rugged.It's not just the plant that's indigenous to North America. Even its scientific name has native roots, with Latinized forms of two Americans' surnames.The genus Amsonia honors Dr. Charles Amson, 18th century Virginia physician and plantsman; and the specific epithet [...]

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Crocosmia means "smells like saffron" - not surprising when you consider these brightly-colored flowers spring forth from bulbs in the same family as the saffron-bearing Crocus.The most common hybrid, Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora was created in 1879 by Victor Lemoine, who went on to produce many other superior hybrids over the ensuing 30 years. In Britain, [...]

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Going, going, gone:CAMPANULA carpatica 'Blue Clips' and 'White Clips'We are the first to perk up and pay attention to updates in phones, hardware, software, greenhouse tech - and especially plant genetics.But we also have "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" tattooed inside our eyelids. We love our tried-and-true varieties, the ones that come through [...]

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Anemone xhybrida 'Honorine Jobert' - ​2016 Perennial Plant of the Year™

2016 Perennial Plant of the Year™Anemone xhybrida 'Honorine Jobert'Common Names- Japanese anemone, windflowerHardiness – USDA Zones 4 to 8Light – Sun or partial shade is preferable.Soil – ‘Honorine Jobert’ grows best in well-drained soil, humus-rich soil. Will not tolerate poor drainage nor too-dry soil.Unique Qualities – The dark green trifoliate foliage is uniquely attractive from [...]

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