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Popular plants, tricky name - A crash course in coneflowers

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When is a grass not a grass?

When it’s an Acorus. Sure, it looks like a grass – it’s even earned the “grassy-leaved” moniker among sweet flag fans – but this is a plant all its own. It was gently evicted from the Arum family (home to Arisaema and calla lily), as it’s loathe to produce true spathes, and granted its very [...]

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Ice cold choice

Delosperma cooperiHow strange to think that to fill a hot dry spot, you’d turn to the ice cold choice? Cooper’s hardy ice plant gets its name not from a penchant for chill but rather the luminous ice-like flecks decorating its sea-glass green succulent foliage. But the real deal with Delosperma cooperi is the intensity of its [...]

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The right plant to fill a shady spot

Finding the right plants to fill a shady spot can be tough, especially in dry shade. Fortunately, Carex pensylvanica solves the shade selection problem.Pennsylvania Sedge will handle a range of soil types and spreads slowly by rhizomes. As it spreads, it forms a green carpet with a soft, lush look. The slender foliage arches gracefully, and intricate [...]

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Perovskia atriplicifolia 'Denim 'n Lace' - 2020 National Perennial of the Year™

The Proven Winners National Plant of the Year campaign seeks to highlight the best of the best from each collection. These are plants that have been carefully observed and chosen for their wide appeal. Selected for 2020 National Perennial of the Year honor is 'Denim n' Lace' Russian Sage.This compact Perovskia stays tidy in the [...]

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Why is coreopsis called "tickseed"?

It's because the tiny, shiny, black seeds of coreopsis look a bit like ticks. It's NOT because these beautiful plants attract or harbor the pesky buggers, or that ticks eat the seeds. Some plants really get a bum steer when it comes to common names! That's why we typically refer to these plants as coreopsis (pronounced core-ee-OP-sis) rather than [...]

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A daylily worth shouting about ... STELLLLLAAAAAAAAA

"America's favorite daylily"That's what 'Stella d'Oro' daylily is known as, and for good reason. One of the first-ever reblooming dayliles (and one of the first dwarf varieties), Stella has become a garden classic in just a few decades on the market.Whether you are looking to add to an existing planting of 'Stella d'Oro' dayliles or [...]

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Embracing Fragrance in the Garden

There are multiple reasons why you might want to add fragrant plants to your garden. If you enjoy having pollinators in your garden, adding fragrant flowers is a great way to attract them, especially bees. While bees love a good fragrant flower, deer aren't enamored by fragrance and tend to keep their distance. It's not [...]

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Phenomenal Lavender

Lavender is easy to love, but hard to grow for some people - Phenomenal changes all that! Proven to be one of the toughest, most durable lavenders on the market, it exhibits better winter survival and better performance in difficult conditions, without skimping on the flowers and fragrance.Available in (20) count flats, bare root, and (10) count quart [...]

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​Purple mazus is an easy-going, easy-growing ground cover.

A beautiful, useful ground cover, it quickly forms a tight, low-growing carpet of green, and it's covered in really neat purple blooms in late spring.Purple mazus grows in sun to part shade (4-6 hours of sun or filtered light all day). It's not bothered by deer, rabbits, or other pests, and looks great even after [...]

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